A Realtors Staging Essentials

Energy Efficient Home

Staging a house for sale requires more than just adding a vase of flowers to a table. A perceptive agent will know what potential buyers might spot as defects in the home or simply see as turn-offs. Resolving even the most minor issues can make the difference in a sale.  In many instances, these repairs can be DIY projects an agent can complete on the spot. Experienced agents have a go-to retailer for supplies like Grainger. Grainger also hasdiscount specials so any motivated agent can keep some quick repair essentials in his or her trunk. Here are some basic red flags to take notice of and resolve.

Dead Bulbs

Everyone knows a light bulb is easy to change, but when showing a house, a bulb that has gone out creates a negative impression. Check all the lights in a staged house for dead bulbs. Also consider replacing existing bulbs with a higher wattage so rooms and spaces show brighter.

Drippy Faucets

A dripping faucet is an easy repair, but to someone shopping for a new home, it indicates plumbing problems. Having basic tools handy to tighten pipes can prevent negative results in a showing. Be sure to also check showerheads as well.

Creaky Doors

A little oil on the hinges is all that is needed to turn a creaky, unpleasant door into a smooth and quiet entrance. Keep a can of spray lubricant in the car for just these types of issues. Check all doors and make sure they open soundlessly.

Caulk Quickies

Mold along showers and bath tubs can be a real turn-off for a potential home buyer. A tube of white caulk should be kept at the ready for covering up dark, moldy seals with a fresh new look.

Keeping it Clean

Most importantly, a staged house should be extra clean. An agent with cleaning supplies on demand is a truly experienced agent. Remove smudges from patio doors with glass cleaner. Have a Swiffer ready for quick mopping. Wood polish for kitchen cabinets leaves an impressive shine.

No Loose Ends

A screwdriver and a set of wrenches can be a real estate agent’s best friend. Any loose fitting in the house from door knobs to cabinet hinges needs to be addressed. Having basic tools lets you tune up the house before the showing.